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Recently a great friend started to educate me with new information, well actually new to me and most brain washed Americans, that the food I ate was hurting me.  My cholesterol and glucose levels were always within normal limits, so I assumed my food choices were fine.  I received 2 great books for Christmas (one written by Dr. Esselstyn and the other by Dr. Ornish) which I have found to be the only answer to my simple question.  How do I get and stay healthy?  I was never one for fad diets, they just didn’t make sense.  As I reviewed the data and am able to make an informed decision to transition to a Vegan lifestyle, I now have another reason for this change.  My baseline labs have revealed elevated cholesterol levels with borderline glucose level, which is an unfortunate finding.  Now I am more determined than ever to switch and prove that this is the best way to heal my body.

So now you know a little bit about me and why I have agreed to be a part of this experiment.  It’s also an amazing feeling that I have a friend who really cares about me and to give me that push I needed to want to live healthy, not just “live” and let nature take her course.

Progress (Day 1 – Day 4)

So far so good!  this weekend was uncertain, i usually cook breakfast for my family and try to cook healthy but they aren’t convinced Vegan is for them. So I cooked soy chorizo (which i introduce them to a couple of years ago) potatoes with onions, black beans, scrambled eggs (for the non-vegan), and tortillas(wheat and flour).  We put together breakfast burritos and I added veg-shred, sliced avocados and of course salsa.  Lunch and dinner was going to be a challenge since it was my nephews birthday and spending it with non-vegan family.  Ugh! My sister-in-law had a sandwich, soup and salad bar theme. Yes! I found plenty of yummy sustenance; bean salad,spinach salad, vegetable soup and jello (not recommended after Jenna told me what it was made of!! yuck!) I always drink water and toss in a crystal light just to switch it up a little.

The next morning was a quick morning meal with whole wheat toast, 100% wild blueberry spread(St.Dalfour-France) 100% orange juice and cut up fruit.  After visiting the mall I began a search for another quick meal, lo and behold I came across a Fudruckers! Dry veggie burger with extra tomatoes and lettuce, sweet potato fries. Yes! I know i can do this!!
The work week needed to be carefully planned, on Monday i brought lentil soup and brown rice(both bought from Costco) peanut butter, wheat bread, and i never forget my soy chai from Starbucks!!  Dinner was stir fry tofu for me and chicken stir fry for the rest of the family. My husband and i cooked side by side. I still need some work on my tofu, but I’ll figure it out.
Tuesday was started with my chai.  Lunch snuck up on me, and was brought in with smell of chicken filled the office and I thought I was going to have to leave to get something else to eat.  I walked over to peek at what was on the menu.  I was happy to see salad, rice, humus and pita bread (yes chicken too, just not for me).  My husband is amazing, he cooked up a Moroccan lentil soup from a recipe he downloaded.  It was amazing and now i have lunch for tomorrow!
Note: Stephanie has been out sick since Friday.  She will be back tomorrow!  Get Well wishes for Stephanie.

Well i want to update you on my progress. My son was in a charity event on Saturday and the whole family hung out to support him. With that said, i so had to plan on the go meals. Thank goodness the park had a microwave. My husband picked me up my morning “must have” soy chai with a banana:) I packed my lunch with added snacks (brown rice & lentil soup, carrots, granola bars and water) Around noon the crew fired up the BBQ and the smell of hotdogs wasn’t as appealing as it had been in the past. Of course i got the looks when i came out with my rice and lentils and no dog! But hey it’s my body and i made a promise to myself!! That night we went out to dinner and damn wouldnt you know it,not a Vegan friendly place:( So i had to do some quick thinking and just be a pain and ask for something with no cheese, cream or meat, with a big smile! So salad for me:) Sunday was ok but when your not feeling well, i so wanted chicken noodle soup! I had miso soup instead. I have to invest more time in switching up what i eat. I keep leaning towards the black beans and the calories are going to plump me up for sure. I found out i love green beans with galic and tomatoes(the smell of greenbeans use to gross me out)im good now. Thank you dave. Jenn your soup was amazing (easy on the pepper) it sure did clear the nose up! LOL

17 Responses to “Stephanie”

  1. nikkiportnoff said

    Hi Stephanie! Glad to hear that things are going pretty well for you! Things are going pretty well for me too. I recently learned about gelatin too and now think it is completely disgusting. I wanted to caution you on the veggie cheese – make sure you check the labels, some of them say vegetarian or soy cheese but they have casein in them. I found this out the hard way. If it has casein in it you should avoid it as it made from milk and not vegan. Look forward to hearing more about your journey! Nikki

    • Jenn said

      Good Call on the Vegan cheese, Nikki! I don’t like it anyway… but you bring up a great point. No matter what the packaging says to market it, read the labels carefully. =) great advice!

      • sml70 said

        i actually didnt mind the taste:)but still checking labels!

    • sml70 said

      Hi Nikki, thanks for the heads up! i reading every label now.:)

  2. Christie said

    I recently tried “cheddar style shreds’ by daiya – they are dairy, lactose, casein, gluten, and soy free. That means they are largly made of oils. They are a bit weird straight out of the package, but they are good on a salad or in a rice and bean burrito. That being said, I still use them quite sparingly, but when the cheese monkey is on my back, they get the job done!

  3. Anastasia "The Veganbetic" Brown said

    Hi, Stephanie! I know that the elevated cholesterol levels and borderline glucose levels are a wake-up call, and I’m glad you’re responding in a positive way to get those numbers down while it’s still early. Best of luck to you—and, yeah, as Christie says, Daiya does the job! 😀

    • sml70 said

      Thank you! Still have barriers to overcome. Especially trying to explain the logic behind why i’m doing this change. People are so brainwashed. i just smile and move on!

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  5. […] Stephanie […]

  6. Christie said

    Hope you’re feeling better soon, Stephanie!

    • sml70 said

      Hello everyone! I’m feeling much better. I got that bug everyone seems to be sharing.

  7. Christie said

    Glad you’re feeling better!!

  8. Jenn said

    Hi girlie… how goes it??? 😉

  9. […] Stephanie […]

  10. Christie said

    I saw you half way numbers Stephanie and you’re doing so great!! Keep going!

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  12. […] Stephanie […]

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