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John and I are both from originally from Maryland and we met in Florida about four years ago and we have been married for 3 and a half years. After four months of being married John’s work transferred us out to California. We really like it out here but moving from our families has been hard. We noticed right away that when you are not around all the people you know and love things change quickly. We were very used to running around and always busy with family and friends and that came to a complete stop once we arrived to California and it was just John and I. We are happy to say that we have made some wonderful friends and our activities of running around have gotten back to normal pretty quickly, but I really started to see a change in my activity level for the past two years has diminished and with that and many other symptoms I believe I am in the wonderful world of peri-menopause and maybe John is sharing some sympathetic symptoms with me(poor guy). We knew that something had to change.
Our friend Megan just told us about this study and we thought it would be a great change that would be beneficial to the both of us.  Neither one of us has really had any experience with plant-based eating but for the little we have read about it we thought it would be a great challenge for us and we are curious as to how it will affect us. John is the carnivore and I am the milk-a-holic.











We have decided to participate in the study for several reasons and for the most part they are completely self-serving reasons. I believe that the plant-based eating will help to combat some of the signs and symptoms of peri-menopause ie. weight gain, lack of energy, slow metabolism and many more. For John it is the weight gain and lack of energy as well.  We are curious as to how this will affect John as he has a very physical job that requires a lot energy and strength. We truly would like to lead a healthier lifestyle and are looking forward to this challenge. We are both a little nervous about such a drastic change, but as they say, nothing ventured nothing gained. We are ready!

Jan 15, 2011

John and Jax first day

Well after the initial shock of actually starting,  Jax and I got ourselves together and went shopping for our new menu’s.  We found that the vegetables are much cheaper at the Asian Market.  Mother’s Market has a wonderful restaurant.

Jax had Ma’s Stir-Fry which is a medley of  Fresh Asian vegetables lightly stir-fried with sesame oil, tamari, fresh ginger, garlic, and topped with almond slices. Served over a bed of Organic udon noodles.  Jax said it was delicious.

I had the Tahini Fusion Wrap it is Bean sprouts, tomatoes, organic mixed greens, grilled tempeh, brown rice, avocado and tahini dressing in a whole wheat chapati.  This i must say i will be making at the house it was so good.

This was our lunch as we did not have anything that we could eat safely in the house.  For dinner Jax made Lentil and Barley Soup really good and filling.

Jan 16, 2011

Today was a really good day woke up and I (John) had a wonderful breakfast of  Barbara’s Shredded Minis Cereal with Blue Diamond Vanilla Almond Breeze. Jax had an Vegan Cinnamon Roll, Great start to the day.

For lunch we made Provencal Bok Choy the Recipe can be found on Epicurious.  This was delicious.

For a mid afternoon snack Jax made the Hummis out of the binder however we found that when it calles for using the leftover juice from the Garbonzo beans DO NOT do this or it will remain gritty use Olive oil instead it will be a lot smoother.

For Dinner we made Whole Wheat Penne Pasta with a Gia Artichoke Pasta Sauce.  The Vegan graded Topping was a lot better than we expected.  Used the Almond Breeze to make the drop biscuits and they were awesome.

Neither one of us have  had any complaints of feeling bloated as we use to on our SAD (Standard American Diet).  This come to a great relief to both of us as we are feeling full not gorged after each meal so far.  However we are eating more frequently but in much smaller amounts.

While doing some of our normal household stuff we put on the Food network to see if we could convert some of the Recipes over to a Plant Based idea and while setting there watching the chef’s make their Meat base dishes it got to be too much for us and had to change the channel.  We have to say it is still to early to set and watch the foods that we loved so much be prepared and unable to have because we want to be true to this Study and ourselves.

Jan 17, 2011

Well we are just about done with day 3 of  the study and so far so good. We have used another recipe from the binder and it was good as well but I must say that I can understand the preconceived notion that a Plant Based Diet is very bland and a little tasteless. Most of the recipes we have seen have a very little amount of spices used.  And that kind of goes to what we have heard from Plant Based/Vegan eaters and I quote ” I eat to live not live to eat”, now that is not necessarily a bad thing but for John and I, we don’t live to eat, but we sure do love to eat good food. So it really seems to us that we just need to tweak the recipes a bit in terms of using more and different kinds of spices.  And as a bit of a bonus we have both lost 3 pounds.

Jan 19, 2011

Ok so reality has set in for me (Jax).  Since I woke up this morning I have had stomach distress.. all day with bloat and gas and I kinda am asking myself what the heck?  I will be completely honest through out this whole study and in my honesty I will write exactly how I feel and what is going on with my body.  So with that said I will move forward and say that I AM MISSING SOMETHING!!!!! MY BODY IS MISSING SOMETHING!!! I am not sure what or where  to turn to so my body’s response is give me more of everything trying to find and satisfy the craving for the things it is used to having and no longer can. Yes I am struggling with this right now and if someone tells me ‘fight the good fight” they might get eaten. My brain for the most part knows that this will pass however the body is not going with that for now so yes I will have another piece of that Vegan apple pie and another glass of wine…. yum!!

Jan 22, 2011

Well John and I are feeling a bit better!  I (Jax) have started using the Align and notice a difference.  We went out to dinner last night to The Loving Hut in Huntington Beach and it was really good ( cannot believe that this place is a chain) and it would seem to me that every time we go out I end up getting a dish with noodles and would much rather have the brown rice that John gets ( you always want what the other person has).

After dinner we went to a grocery store called  Sprouts and it was really nice. The prices were very reasonable. We both thought it might be a wise idea to start taking vitamins just in case we are not getting all the proper vits. that our bodies need right now due to our new learning curve.  A couple of nights ago my girlfriend Cassie turned me on to this stuff called “golden curry” and it was so good! You just add a couple little blocks to your veggies and you have instant curry. I cannot wait to get to the store to get some more. Guess what we are having for dinner tonight.

We would love to hear from those that are following this study, ie. recipes, helpful tips and such.

Jan 26, 2011

We would like to thank everyone for the tips and suggestions. John and I are doing well. I (Jax) am still having some stomach issues but it seems to be getting a little better.  We got the Braggs liquid amino acids and we do like it. We went to Whole Foods this weekend and had their Vegan pizza and it was so good!! And cheap! My only complaint would be that the pesto that was on it was a bit greasy. I really believe that they could cut half the oil used and it would still be great.  I can see what everyone is saying about Vegan eating can also be bad for your weight. We are trying not to eat poorly and it can be done. We have both lost at least 6-10 pounds

Jan 28, 2011

Well let me tell you about Vegan shredded cheese…. yuck!  If a lot is used it is just gross! If used sparingly it is not bad. I have to say that john and I are really spending more time thinking about our meals than we ever did.  It feels sort of overwhelming at times.  It is truly easier to eat the SAD diet at this point.  It is always easy to just get a salad but sometimes you just don’t want that.  I imagine it will get easier as time goes by.   We both are really missing burgers and cheese from time to time, but we also know that if we ate anything like that we would both get sick and that is so not what we want after having gone thru that when we first changed over.

Feb 5, 2011

Hello all.  This is John, we have both been sick and it is a hard battle to not revert back to eating some of Grandma’s old fashion Chicken Noodle soup.  Or to have some of the old comfort food but it is all going well, we have not strayed.  Besides the urges of being sick all is going really good, I felt better and a little more energy until the hammer fell on the Flu bug.  I am still losing weight  according to scale between 12 and 15 lbs for me.(Yeah)  Looking forward to getting together with all of you for the Potluck dinner to hear your trials and tribulations in person. take care and keep charging forward.

This is Jax- Everything John just wrote is very true.  I wish I could say that I have lost as much weight as John but still 8-10 pounds is good.  What I am really missing is eggs. Mainly because there is so much we cannot have or make due to the products that have eggs in it or require eggs to be made.  So I will be researching how to replace in certain recipes.  One of the best products we have found is by Lightlife called Smart Ground,  we use that to make tacos, spagetti and chili. It is a great substitute for ground beef and we had some friends try it and they couldn’t taste the difference. The best part is ZERO fat!!! Good fiber and protein. Like Megan we are finding ourselves eating alot of the same things. I believe it is mostly because of me though, with some of the Vegan substitutes I either really like it or I really hate it and that makes me leary to try some different things. I hope everyone is doing well and cannot wait to see everyone next weekend!

Ok- so for dinner tonight I wanted egg salad- and found one, on look for Tofu “Egg” Salad- it was awesome!! We both loved it and we got our “egg” fix.  We will most assuredly be making that again!!

Feb 6, 2011

Right now I am writing this and giggling!!!  Yesterday when John and I were discussing how great the “egg” salad was, I made the comment “we get the joys of eating “egg” salad without the after effects” ie. bad noxious gas. I guess we really tricked our minds and bodies pretty good.  I imagine you all get my meaning without having to say much more on that.  John is starting to feel much better and I am well now as well so we’re in a better frame of mind and ready to keep on moving forward and try new things.

Feb 8, 2011

So Jenna said to us at some point we may have an “accident” and eat something we should not and when she said it I had this picture in my head of falling face first on to a cheeseburger and just cracked myself up. But I see what she means as this morning rushing to get ready I grabbed what I thought was triscuits and I have about 6 of them and not long after not feeing so good and I just didn’t put it together till I ate more later in the day and ended up feeling bad again. Well it turns out they had ranch dressing on them. I just didn’t realise and I didn’t think that little amount would do that to me. Live and learn as they say, although I really wished I had just fallen on a cheeseburger.

Feb 11, 2011

Well we are almost to the one month mark and John and I are doing pretty good. We are very excited to get our lab work done and see how it turns out. We are really hoping that our bad cholesterol has gone down. I can honestly say that at this point there are alot of changes that we will make if we don’t choose to stay completely plant-based in our diet.  Now I am not saying that we wont stay plant-based but we will reserve our decision till after the study is over.

There are alot of things we like and alot that we don’t.  I (Jax) am finding that the more processed the soy the worse my body reacts to it.  I have started limiting my consumption of tofu and the like. The TVP (textured vegetable protein) is our greatest find.  It has no fat and when mixed as say spaghetti, taco and sloppy joes it is so delicious! We have given it to our friends and they truly cannot tell the difference and really enjoyed it.  The Boca burgers also are wonderful and seems more like what we are used to and gives use a sense of “normalcy” in our eating habits.

You may can tell that we are still struggling with this change and it really hasn’t become a habit as of yet.  But it has truly opened up our world to all of the possibilities.

Feb 17, 2011

I (John)  got my midway Blood results back and they were really good.  Waiting to get Jax’s back to see the wonderful progress she has made.  I was relieved to see the results that came back and they were alot better than could have been expected. 

Well the experience of the last month has had its ups and down, we have had the experience of our bodies readjusting to the new eating habits.  At first we were tired all the time and had the cravings of the food we use to eat.  The changes in the food we are eating  is a hit and miss thing with trying different things, some of the things we have tried were just that, things that we were trying that did not make it on the list of food we will try again.  For the most part we are staying away from the processed foods and make 9 out of 10 things from scratch.  This seems to be working out for the best.  At this point we are over most of the intense cravings, but we still have the want to go out and get some of the little goodies that we liked so well.  We are taking it a day at a time but we are staying tried and true to what we know is going to be a better life through the way we eat.

Feb 19, 2011

John and I made this wonderful meal together last night:

This was so simple to make and was absolutely delish!!

Yesterday Megan and I went and had our 30day labs and weight check done and I (Jax) am happy to say that I have lost 9 pounds with clothes on!!  Then we went to Hermosa Beach and had lunch at “The Spot” on 2nd street and we shared a Blue plate special which was mashed potatoes, veggie patty and golden mushroom gravy with steamed veggies and it was really good.

The past 30 days for me and John has been filled with its ups and downs. Mostly ups and we have made some wonderful meals and met some awesome people with this study.  If the lab results are so good at this half way mark I cannot wait to see what it will be at the end of the study.  We both feel very good.   There are so many changes that I know will stay with us and for that I am glad.

The above meal was Stir Fry Veggies seasoned with Hoison sauce.

Feb 20, 2011

Opps sorry for the big picture, that is the Vegan chili I made today!!! Look at the meaty bits… It’s not, it’s Smart Ground.. Love it, Love it , Love it!!  Need I say anymore?  Okay so you all get that I love that stuff, well let me tell you John and I just made another awesome discovery!!!!   RICE CHEESE!!!  It is  actually called rice shreds and it is made by Galaxy Nutritional Foods. it is lactose and gluten free, and cholesterol free. It tastes so much better!!!  

 Well now sadness has returned…in reading this package again I see we were misinformed by the lady at Whole Foods helping us and it is not vegan as it has casein in it and from what I have been told it is an animal product and from what I understand from a few frantic texts to Jenna the two things in milk and cheese cause the greatest numbers of breast and prostate cancers: casein and bovine growth factor.  In fact the evidence is irrefutable. There is a directly proportional relationship between the amount of milk and cheese consumed and cancer incidence.  Damn!!! You know…you just can’t win!!  How is it we can clone animals but we cannot make dairy free cheese that tastes like the real thing?  Ahhh bitterness it raising it’s ugly head..  Totally my fault for not reading the package better and being more vigilant.  Live and learn.. either way John and I are doing great and the chili was awesome.

Feb 26, 2011

So my (Jax) labs came back and I must say I really thought that they would be better and I know I should not compare myself with John’s numbers but I did.  Oh these men… don’t have to work had at all and the weight and such justs falls off by thinking about it.  So I am very happy that my LDL is in the normal range now  and I know that is a very good thing.  We have gotten more settled into the routine of eating much better and it doesnt seem like such a chore any longer.  We are having lots of friends come over Sunday night for a Oscar Party where everyone brings appetizers.

John and I will be making stuffed celery bites, stuffed with “cream cheese’ and chopped green olives ( my favorite snack)  and  herb roasted potatoe bites. Not sure what dip to make for the roasted potatoes. Any suggestions?

March 2, 2011

This past week has been a tough one on John and I as we are making plans to relocate to Tennesse in a couple of months due to lay-offs. I was handling it pretty well and then more bad news came and I had a complete meltdown and ate a cheeseburger on Monday. All I can say is I wanted something “normal”.  Maybe it was rebellion. John did not have any and after that I went right back to plant based. It didn’t cause as much distress to my stomach as I thought it would. 

The rest of this week has been good for us as far as eating goes. John is at a stand still with his weight loss and I have lost another pound (thank goodness).  John looks awesome and I just have to keep pushing through. We are finding it much easier to plan meals now and we are really trying to stay away from the over processed soy products.  I don’t believe we will have any trouble in keeping with this lifestyle change  as it has made us very aware of what we are putting into our mouths and we are really trying to make better and healthier choices.

March 6, 2011

So this weekend John and I went to my fathers for the weekend and we introduced my father and his girlfriend Sandy to how we have been eating for the past months.  We made Sheppards pie with salad and apple pie for dessert. They really enjoyed it and could not tell the difference between the real thing and what we made.  We answered alot of questions and they got to see all the simple changes we made  that could really benefit everyone.  

We would love to say that we have found it easier than eating our SAD diet but that woudl be a lie.  It is work, but it is with it’s rewards. Just look at our results so far.  We still have cravings and sometimes we just don’t want to do it.  We also love how much better we feel and that is truly important.

56 Responses to “John & Jax”

  1. johnjax12 said

    Well John and I had our first blood draw today and we got a chance to meet Jenna and Stephanie and we are even more excited to start this study. We have been doing a good bit of research on the subject and it seems like something we can for sure do for the study time frame at the very least. There will be alot more thought put into what we put in our mouths and spend time making more conscious choices together. We are very interested to see what kind of changes our bodies will go thru.

  2. Christie said

    Thanks for writing guys! I’m so excited to hear what’s going on and you 2 are the only ones to post so far! Keep them coming and good luck!

    • johnjax12 said

      Christie thank you for the encouragement. This is way out of our norm for eatting habits. We are thrilled to be in this with Jenna and the rest of the “Team”. We will post as aften as possible on the road ahead of us. If you have any questions feel free to ask we are an open book on this but keep in mind we are learning as we go. Again thank you for you support.

  3. Christie said

    I’m learning right along with you – I became (mostly)vegetarian in the last month and am flirting with veganism. My husband, however, is not flirting – he is SURE he is downright against it!! (LOL) So I commend you both for trying and I hope you succeed and discover whatever you were wishing for!

    • Jax and John said

      Trust us when we say the the thought of doing this study is far worse that actually doing the study. our one thing really at this point will be to see how John deals with this as he is 6’5 and has a very physical job. John and I love our animal products however we are giving this a go and we look at it like this… it is only for two months and when you consider a lifetime this is just a drop in the bucket… we are reserving any kind of judgement or commitment till the study is over.

    • Jenn said


      You are in the same boat as Stephanie! You’ll see as soon as she starts blogging! You all are super stars in my book! Jenn

  4. Christie said

    I have found that the longer I am on the plant based diet, the more flavor formerly bland foods seem to have? Some things are becoming unbearably sweet since I cut out all non-natural sweeteners. Hopefully, you find the same happens to you? That being said, do you use Bragg’s Liquid Aminos? It’s a soy sauce substitute that I can not live without.

    • johnjax12 said

      Thanks Christie- John and I will the Bragg’s a go. When do you use it?

  5. Vanessa said

    Hang in there Jax! Have you tried taking the Align samples that Jenna gave us? Also, make sure you’re drinking a lot of water. All that fiber in veggies needs to be diluted so it can *ahem* pass along smoothly. I know I’m terrible at remembering to drink water. In fact, I should go drink a glass right now! Good luck!

    • johnjax12 said

      We totally forgot about the Align- I will give them a try and yes we have really uped the water consumption. Thanks for the advice.

  6. Jenn said

    HI, Jax-

    The first week for me was the toughest, actually the the first two. It takes time for your body to acclimate. It is going through a huge change and yes, you may even be experiencing some “withdrawl” so to speak. This is completely normal. Some people experience it more than others. I would try the align capsules for your stomach. Also, Stephanie experienced the same thing so she can tell you more about her experience. (It did pass). Walking will help to make that part of the process go by a little quicker (I call it the “cleansing” process).The Happy Cow has a great forum and the KInd Life where they discuss this in depth. That might be a resource as well. Is John feeling the same way? And good call by Vanessa on the water! Very helpful too! You are doing a GREAT job… and I will leave it at that (don’t want to get eaten! lol 😉

    • johnjax12 said

      Thanks Jenna- I am feeling a bit better this morning. I will give the Align a try and start walking a bit. John is not feeiling the same as me but he is feeling not quite himself. Hopefully this next week will go a little easier on intestinal tract. We are still enjoying what we are doing and think that this is good for us

  7. Christie said

    Sorry you guys have hit a rough patch! I hope it gets better soon. I posted this for Vanessa, but here is my favorite way to use Bragg’s (you can use it anytime in place of soy sauce also): Stir fry your vegies, udon, whatever, then just add about 2 Tbs. arrowroot powder to roughly the same amount of water, a few drops of Bragg’s and some dried (or fresh) ginger. It’s all approximate and just to taste, but it makes a nice glaze on the vegies. I cook the vegies and put it on last with the heat off, stir and eat!

    • johnjax12 said

      Thanks so much Christie we will give it a go. I am feeling just a bit better. I know it will get better and know that this to shall pass.

  8. Anastasia "The Veganbetic" Brown said

    Dear John and Jax,

    It’s great to see a couple embarking on this adventure of health…I wish you all the best, and Christie is right: Bragg’s Liquid Aminos are da bomb…yumyum! 😀

    • johnjax12 said

      Thanks Anastasia! But when exactly do you use Bragg’s?

      • Christie said

        Anytime you would use soy sauce, so over stir fry vegies, on udon noodles, on rice, etc. I don’t really cook it – it’s like a condiment to add at the end. Does that help at all?

  9. Anastasia "The Veganbetic" Brown said

    Christie is right on the money about the Bragg’s! I also sometimes add it to salad dressings and I love to use it in a dipping sauce for vegan gyoza.

  10. Christie said

    I don’t know if you caught some of the blog names floating around here, but Peas and Thank you, Hungry Hungry Hippie, and the site (or book) for The Kind Life Diet all have some pretty good recipes on them. I highly recommend this recipe for Chocolate Chip Chewy Granola Bars if you need a sweet fix! What is Align that everyone is talking about?

    • johnjax12 said

      Align is a probiotic pill. I have not taken it everyday but finding that I really should as I am still having stomach issues. We were told that for the first two weeks that may be the case so we did expect some issues.

  11. […] John & Jax […]

  12. Christie said

    Congratulations on the weight loss guys!! I’m jealous, since I haven’t lost a pound in 8 WEEKS! I’ve not gone vegan yet, mind you, but I’m doing waaayy better than I was and am pretty much vegetarian for sure at this point. I’m gearing up to go vegan, but my husband and 2 little boys are not, and that’s messing me up. I hope I’ll get there though!

    • johnjax12 said

      You have made a great start Christie!! You will get there!

    • Jenn said

      WE need to get Stephanie to blog more… I am going to text her now. She has a husband and two teenagers that are not on board and it’s interesting how that is going! She may be helpful to you CHristie!

  13. nikkiportnoff said

    John & Jax,

    Is there a Ralph’s near you? If so, try the Daiya cheese. It is a vegan cheese but not a soy cheese. It is good! The veggie shreds are not the greatest but not the worst either. It depends on your taste. Last week, I felt like I was in a funk and all I wanted to do was cheat! I wanted to go to Baskin Robbins and get ice cream or go to Arby’s and get a roast beef sandwich but I didn’t. I pushed through it because I knew I couldn’t let my team down. I just wanted to let you know we are all here for you! I think it helps to talk to someone who is in the trenches with you and feeling the same things you are feeling. 🙂


    • Jax and John said

      Nikki- Thanks so much for the encouragment. We do have a Ralphs near us and I will give that cheese a go. Since we have both had the Bronchitis and Flu we are really wanting comfort food and we really haven’t found any Vegan comofort food as of yet but we are much better so not as big a deal at this point. I almost went to the store to get clams but stopped myself for the same reason you did. We don’t want to let the team down. Looking forward to seeing everyone next week.


  14. Christie said

    Sorry you are sick! But great job on the weight loss!! Hope you feel better soon!

    • johnjax12 said

      Thanks Christie! How are you doing? Have you tried the Smart Ground yet? Bet your family will like it and never know the difference.

      Jax and John

  15. Christie said

    I haven’t really tried any of the fake meats yet. I’m the only one trying vegan in my house and I don’t love meat anyway, so I don’t feel the need to find a substitute for it. Cheese is more my problem!! But as my husband ‘evolves’ in his diet, maybe I’ll sneak some of it in and see if he notices! 😉 I’m doing well on the diet, but still no weight loss to speak of. It’s frustrating, and my bad habit of eating later at night while reading has crept back. I need to regroup and keep trying!

    • johnjax12 said

      The cheese is a really tough one. So far what I (Jax) have tried I hate and I know that is a strong word but at this time it really isn’t strong enough for me. John and I used to have what we would call “snack night” for dinner and it would consist of a variety of cheese’s and meats and seafood with different olives, pickles, and fruits and breads for dinner once a week. Now these nights would cost us more than going out to dinner at nice resturants. so I am not talking about your standard fare cheeses and meats. So it is very hard for us to take the cheese’s that the Vegan lifestyle is giving us. i guess you could call us “cheese snobs”. Sounds funny I know but true. I really wish something could be made to taste like the real thing. Good luck!!

    • Anastasia "The Veganbetic" Brown said

      Christie, all the best to you—I know you can do it! ❤

      That night eating had always been a problem for me, too. I was eventually able to get control of that, but it took practice, much as breaking any habit does. You nailed it when you wrote "regroup". That's a great, positive way to describe getting back on track…it's like gathering all your strength to try again on the road to success.

      I admire you for following along with all the participants so you can benefit from the program, too. Here's to you! 😀

  16. Anastasia "The Veganbetic" Brown said

    Hi Jax (and John),

    Nice to see you, and hope you’re feeling better! So happy for you guys for the weight loss, too. 😀

    Nikki is right about Daiya…it is good, and IMHO it really is the best of the selections of vegan “cheeses” that is available.

    A very occasional “something” that I buy to really satisfy that cheese craving/comfort food craving (and I say VERY occasional because it is quite high in calories and fat), Amy’s Vegan Rice Macaroni & Cheeze tastes almost frighteningly delicious. It is made with cheddar-style Daiya and it can be found at Whole Foods and at other health food stores. I will only eat a quarter of a serving at a time which is–admittedly–a tiny portion, but it does the job for the cheese cravings, and I have that little bit of it accompanied by a big salad full of fabulous veggies sprinkled with lemon juice and herbs and garlic and fresh black pepper.

    I know it can be difficult when particular cravings strike, and when they do, I find it really helpful to look at the positive side of going vegan: as vegans, we really do have an absolute bounty of excellent quality foods from which to choose—and it opens our minds to trying new things. Case in point: I never would have tried kale if I hadn’t gone vegan; now I love it lightly steamed or quickly sauteed with garlic, lemon, and a little olive oil. And for years I thought it was only fit for garnishes around the containers in a chain restaurant’s salad bar. 😀

    You guys are doing great! Keep up the good work!

    • johnjax12 said

      Hi Anastasia! We will give the Daiya a try. John and I love kale- so glad you found the joys of it! We have worked hard at keeping an open mind and we have tried so many different things that we have never been exposed to and I (Jax) have found that with me there is no “it’s ok” kind of thing, I either really like it or I really hate it. Do you live around here? We are all getting together next Sunday and bringing our favorite dishes to share and you would be more than welcome to come join us. Let us know and we will get you directions.

      Thanks for your input!!!

      • Anastasia "The Veganbetic" Brown said

        Hi, Jax!

        You’re most welcome for the input, and thank you for the invitation; I’d love to join you guys and bring something to share, as long as it is OK with everyone! I live in Sherman Oaks, California (Los Angeles area).

        Would it be all right if I invite my husband too, please? I am no longer able to drive for health reasons, and he is my transportation for any trip that is not within reasonable mass transit routes. So if this is okay with you and everyone else, please do let me know and please send me the directions…and thanks again! 😀

      • johnjax12 said

        We would love to have you and your husband!!! It will be at 6pm on Sunday and what ever you would like to contribute would be most welcome! We are excited you both will be joining us!

        Jax and John

      • Anastasia "The Veganbetic" Brown said

        Thannks, Jax and John! So excited to be there! Do you need my email address in order to send me directions? Or do you already have access to it on this site?

  17. Christie said

    Will try the egg recipe – if it fooled you guys (egg-enthusiasts) then it must be good!! Glad you’re in a better place today!

    • johnjax12 said

      Thanks Christie!! You might try adding a little Sea salt as well to the recipe.

  18. nikkiportnoff said


    How are you losing so much weight? I have really been struggling with the weight loss even in this vegan way of life. How much are you exercising? Any advise would be appreciated. I too am feeling a bit under the weather right now. I think I caught my daughter’s upper respiratory infection.

    • johnjax12 said

      Hey Nikki- We have not done any exercise at this point we are waiting to see what happens at the one month mark and then we will be adding exercise. Oh darling we know how you feel being under the weather. Drink lots of water!!!! It really helps. We have added so much veggies and very little Tofu and we have been making stuff that you would normally use ground beef with and it has NO FAT!!! The Lentil and barley soup has been a big staple for us for lunches. We will talk lots on Sunday- and give you some ideas. at this point John has lost 15 and me 10 in three weeks. I really think that you can lose weight on this. Cannot wait to see you on Sunday!! It will all be good !!

      • nikkiportnoff said

        OK Obviously I need some help in the food department. Maybe I am taking in too many calories and fat. I have no idea. It is really frustrating. I have not been using very much tofu either but have still been staying the same weight wise. Ahhhh!

  19. Jenn said

    I have tears in my eyes I am laughing so hard, Jax! Too funny! Sorry you felt icky!

  20. Christie said

    Hi Guys!
    I haven’t tried TVP yet – does it resemble ground beef sort of when used in a recipe? Or is it more like a powder?

    • johnjax12 said

      Christie- what we thought was TVP was actually this stuff call Smart Ground and you cn get it at whole foods, ralphs and Stater Bros- in the deli isle. it looks just like cooked ground beef and it truly is awesome. From what we were told by Anastasia you find it in the bulk area of whole foods.

      • Christie said

        I’ll check it out! Thanks!

  21. […] John & Jax […]

  22. Christie said

    I just saw John’s midway numbers!! Great job! You must feel like you’re really doing something to help yourself! Keep up the great work!!

    • johnjax12 said

      Thank you Christie, yes it is a great feeling to know that i am getting myself into a healthy lifestyle.

  23. Christie said

    Jax – I think I just saw on my facebook notification from Jenna that you lost 9 lbs?? (I can’t find it yet on this site). I hope that’s true, and while it’s not 17 lbs., it’s certainly nothing to sneeze at either!! You’re doing better than I am! And let’s face it, men just suck – my husband (6’1″ 190 lbs) says things all the time like “gee, I need to start wearing a belt to keep my pants up!” in between bites of double cheeseburgers and donuts! I think you’re doing great! Speaking of cheeseburgers and trouble finding good recipes, I think this one is a keeper:

    • johnjax12 said

      Hi Christie!

      Thanks so much for the recipe! Your right men do suck when it comes to weight lose and such! Hahaha. I think jenna just posted and update last night so you should be able to see the results so far. My labs should be in by Monday. I really hope they are much better than what they were..

  24. […] John & Jax […]

  25. […] John & Jax […]

  26. Hally said

    Hi John & Jax! I checked out this web site when the study first began and just came back to see the first round of lab results. I am SO PROUD OF YOU BOTH! You have both lost weight and you are so much healthier than when you began! I am impressed that you have not opted to go the easy route and eat vegan junk food, because it’s impossible to lose weight that way. You are cooking and eating real food and that’s what being vegan is all about! I feel the same as you: being a vegan really opened my eyes about nutrition. No matter what lifestyle you choose at the end of the study, you will have that knowledge with you for the rest of your life. Hang in there and if you want to check out my blog, it has some recipes and vegan stuff:

    Take care!

    • johnjax12 said

      Hey Hally,

      Thanks so much for the well wishes! The good part is I was never really into “junk food” but John sure loves the stuff. We have tried very hard not to fall into the trap of just grabbing any old thing to satisfy our hunger. There was so much we didnt know at the start of this and now it is very important to us to live well. I will check out your blog thanks for the added info.

      Take care!

  27. […] John & Jax […]

  28. […] important 60-day plant-based diet study, in which participants (Stephanie, Nikki, Vanessa, Megan, John and Jax and Amber) will be changing their diets from either a Standard American Diet (S.A.D.) or a […]

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