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My name is Amber, I am a very busy hair stylist at a fast paced salon, I also do house calls, editorials, fashion shows, and tv and movie work. Every day is a new day.


Growing up I ate meat and potatoes, corn-fed if you will. Whole milk was a big part of my diet as a child. Currently my kitchen is almost obsolete as I eat out almost every meal. I  find myself eating whatever is accessible just to fuel up. I definitely eat to live. I have never been a fast food eater, but cream sauces and rare meat are a big part of my  diet…. If I could live off coffee alone, I would as eating is not something I make a lot of time for.
I do however find myself feeling fatigued and drained rather quickly, as well as a new development of psoriasis. I feel as I’m getting older I need to take better care of myself and diet seems the right direction. I feel meat and dairy are major issues in the problems that are arising and I am so excited to be apart of this study! From the my personal research and what I have seen in my friends and family a plant-based diet definitely can make a huge difference. I’m looking forward to the changes I see in the way I feel!


So, it’s officially been two weeks. i feel amazing. it has been quite difficult to get to the grocery store, however I did stop in to grab a few things, first my fav snack is vegan whole grain bread with almond butter, makes me feel really good. I still eat out a lot but it is so easy to find plant-based food in my neighborhood. I have to say tender green is my favorite!! I also have been very conscious of getting all the necessary nutrients, and earth bar on Santa Monica and Flores has smoothies and juices that they load full of veggies and fruits, perfect for me, constantly on the go. I just tell them what I need and they put it in.. wallah!

things iv noticed in two short weeks: increased energy and endurance, flatter stomach, and just over all happier. its amazing how quickly your body changes. I really think dairy was effecting me heavily in a bad way, and as its flushing its way out of my system, day by day I am feeling stronger and healthier.

So I finally went grocery shopping! I was amazed at how many vegan options were so clearly marked. I went to whole foods. For starters I got a steel-cut oat meal and tons of berries bananas and apples for breakfast. I love this its super satisfying and quick to make. For lunches or snacks rather throughout the day, vegan bread, almond butter and agave. dried apricots, and mangos!!  Amy’s black bean and rice burritos, and these fake chicken patties that are spicy, so good. I made sure to balance the organic soy, almond and coconut substitutions so that I don’t get too much or not enough of anything. Also pita with babaganoush and hummus, olives and tons of green veggies for wraps and snacks. So far I am so pleased, I find myself eating several times a day but feeling fully energized and balanced all day. I even tend to only have 1 cup of coffee in the morning. This is insane to me because I usually or used to drink it all day.. Now I seem to just crave water, aloe water or my fav green drink from earth bar. I weighed myself and it seems as tho iv lost a few pounds as well.. My psoriasis is slowly fading and I am already sold on this whole concept. I don’t know if I will ever go back! Maybe as Oprah says I’ll be “veganish” at the least. Reading ingredients and knowing where your food comes from is so important.. And quickly becoming quite an obsession  for me.

hi all!! ive been on the go, so im currently in london, it has been hard!! no restaurants have been friendly, everything has meat and nuts,  or and cream. I was forced, because I will not give up to go to the grocery store… i was presently surprised to find a wide variety of veggies and fruits, from local country side farmers. I made a delicious cherry tomato, onion and lemon salad.. I know it sounds crazy but it was delicious!! the tomatoes were bursting with flavor!!!! also i was able to get rice and hemp milk and great cereals  with fresh gogi berries and strawberries.. I have saved a lot of cash by buying simple things and not eating out, and i still feel great. the hardest part is just working long hours and not having time to eat. my savior is oranges, they don’t get gross in my purse, while im running all around and they give me a great burst of energy, id say i have 3 or so a day.

i cant wait to come home, where i have the convenience of southern
california and our easy to access health ways..


Wow! I’m home, life is so crazy! I love being vegan.. I had a moment of starvation and weakness the last night I was in London.. We had just finished a 16 hr day of shooting and oranges were just not cutting it. The market was closed and all I could do was have room service. My fabulous team was having an extremely late dinner in my bosses suite, and here I was yet again facing the british menu full of meat and cream sauces. the salads all had cheese and I was feeling weak.. I thought ok f it,  I’m gonna cheat..
I ordered a grilled veggie and mozzarella focccha sandwich. Clearly there was cheese on this and the bread was white and I’m sure full of eggs and cream.,. I did it, I ate the whole thing. More like devoured it.. It was delicious in my momentary delusion of hunger and exhaustion..

I went to bed feeling fine. I however woke up feeling queasy and blotted No good! After it passed through, I devoured a basket of blue berries and had some rice milk, I felt much better.. I have to say the thought of cheese now repulses me… I did on the plane think I was Smelling grilled cheese randomly.. Odd.. Anyhow my flight back was a little tricky, there was a mistake in the meals and they had no vegan courses left!! Why!!! So I politely asked if they could bring me what ever nuts, berries and veggies they had and the flight attendant made me a spinach, almond tomato and carrot salad! He put hummus on the side and I used it as dressing. It was actually real decent and I felt great. New Zealand air, love them! (:
Now that in home I went to the store and stocked up on tons of veggies,broccoli, carrots, tomatoes, radishes, bell peppers, and of course fruits red and green ones, apples, strawberries, blue berries and all the things on my lists Dr. Jenna has recommended. I have been making salads and they are so delicious. Still eating oranges. Right now I’m super into breaking up pita and Cooking it with a bit of olive oil and crumbling it up in my salads for some crunch, also tossing in artichoke hears and garbonzo beans with almond and beats.. It doesnt really need dressing but a little lime squeezed over it has been really refreshing.  Oh and!! There is this amazing “ice cream” made with coconut milk. The dark chocolate flavor is so good!

That’s all for now!


Well the end of the journey is almost her. I, however, am so incredibly inspired that i without a uspeakable doubt will continue on this adventure. i can honestly say i have never felt better. my skin looks and feels better and my psoriasis has improved quite a bit. i feel as tho a plant-based diet has given me hope to achieve healthier levels of life. i also will quit smoking! (:
this week has been a whirlwind of award shows and Hollywood parties, house calls and just busy salon days. it has been hard to sit and have a full meal. however my go to every morning is oatmeal with tons of fresh berries and bananas and agave. love. also clementines are quick and easy bursts of vitamin c. im down to 1 cup of coffee a day, using fruits and veggies as my energy boosters instead.  my stamina has increased so much. i can work an 18 hr day no problem where as before i was getting pretty beat by 13 and way to jittery from the massive amounts of coffee. in short, i feel amazing!! thank you Jenna!!!


11 Responses to “Amber”

  1. Anastasia "The Veganbetic" Brown said

    Hi, Amber! All good wishes and love on this journey you’re taking! XOXO

    • amberscissors said

      thank you so much! this has been an amazing journey so far, i have not had time to shop for food yet, so my choices at restaurants have been quite selective. i have managed to order fairly balanced meals. i already feel better.. i cant wait to go shopping on monday!

  2. The Food Intolerant Mama said

    Hey Cuz! How did the first week go? Found a quiz for you to take. It is at Can’t wait to hear what your score was :-)Any new food finds to share? luv u xoxo

    • amberscissors said

      J.G.R!! luv U!! ill be shopping on monday so ill keep you posted. so far i feel really good, real food daily, vegan glory and tender greens have been preparing my meals.. haha!!

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    • amberscissors said

      i already feel great!!

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  5. Christie said

    Glad you are doing so well, Amber!!

  6. It’s great that you’re feeling so good! It took only a week for me to feel great after giving up dairy a few years ago. I really think dairy is the source for so many problems:IBS, bloat, weight gain, asthma, etc. and I think if people tried to live without it, they’d see just how much better life is! 🙂 Good luck with your vegan journey! 🙂

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