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Ty-K Berry

OK, my story began about 15 months ago. On Feb 5th, 2009–I began my journey which would result in my becoming vegan in less than 8-months after being carnivorous my entire 64+ year life. Why? Anyone might ask! First, I hated being over 200 lbs, so, on my own, I developed a plan to rid myself of 30+ lbs in about 3 months time. I lost 26 lbs the first 2 months.

After that I simply maintained my weight-loss (as I still do) by limiting calories & fat plus exercising via walking/jogging at least 4-miles per session and at least 4 days a week. That continued until Sept 22nd, 2009…the day I decided to go vegan. 

Here’s my reason why. Each day I walked UP the steep 2-mile mountain & jogged down it I passed by a cow pasture on my left and a horse pasture on my right. And each time I passed these animals I talked to them. Well, for some reason, on that day (Sept 22nd), it hit me that I loved these animals & felt guilty about consuming them–ergo I made the internal decision THAT VERY DAY that I was never gonna eat animals again.

I had no thoughts that day, that changing my eating habits would be self-beneficial. You see, I HADType II Diabetes and High Cholesterol, for which I took pills twice daily to control. Did you catch my word, “had?” In early November (just before my 65th birthday), I had blood-work done. When the nurse called me to say that the doctor said I could quit taking all medications, can you imagine how elated I was? Talk about an early birthday present! Wow!

So, eating a whole food plant-based diet is somewhat of a miracle for me–even at my age. No pills. No diabetes. No high cholesterol. No high blood pressure. Three days ago I had a hernia operation–no nausea pills/no pain pills, and, I walked my 4-mile course today, without pain. Can’t jog again yet, but I’m out walking & maintaining my weight & loving my vegan diet.

The day I decided (Sept 22, 2009) was a turning point I’ve NOT regretted. It surprised me that it helped ME by helping THEM (the animals). I didn’t even think about the effect on Diabetes, High Cholesterol, High Blood Pressure, etc., until AFTER THE FACT. But, that being the case, how could I turn back?
It takes a period of time (as all we VEGANS know), to lose the desire for certain foods….sorta like quitting smoking & drinking alcohol, which I also did close to 22-years ago. So, if stopping that was the best two things I ever did for me; becoming VEGAN is the 3rd best thing I’ve ever done for me.  That’s my story! Cool?”

Note: TK served 20 years in the US Air Force (retired) and then over 22 years in Federal Civil Service (retired). And, YES, that is VERY cool, TK!


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