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Success story of the week: Lindsay!

Posted by Jenn on March 4, 2011

(This week’s success story is a little early, but better than late!)

Meet Lindsay:




Lindsay Wolf is a Los Angeles-based animal advocate, actress, and founder of Kiss Me, I’m Vegan!, “a blog for the happy vegan in all of us.” KMIV blends Lindsay’s personal vegan journey with the journeys of other vegan superheroes who endlessly inspire her, including interviews with authors Colleen Patrick-Goudreau of Compassionate Cooks, THE Skinny Bitch herself, Rory Freedman and Veganomicon‘s Isa Chandra Moskowitz, as well as Gene Baur of Farm Sanctuary, Jenny Brown of Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary and Animal Rights Hall of Fame recipient Zoe Weil. Lindsay has also guest blogged on The Kind Life, Your Daily Vegan, Vegan At Heart, and, and she’s a regular visitor and fan of Animal Acres Sanctuary in Acton, CA. Check more out at

The Plant Rx’s Interview with Lindsay!


  • What your diet was like before adopting a plant-based diet?

Before I transitioned to a vegan lifestyle, my diet consisted of occasional trips to McDonald’s for midnight double whopper runs. That alone should tell you that I was not at all connected to the food I ate or my health! I definitely didn’t eat whole foods, but rather consumed a lot of processed, “low fat” junk food and animal products – cheese, steak, and ice cream being huge go-to choices, for example. I was completely disconnected from consuming wholesome, healthy food, but rather ate to get to a certain weight or ate from being stressed – not a good way to live, if you ask me. It wasn’t until I went vegan that I ever began to listen to my body to discover what foods I really need on a daily basis – and those foods are a far cry from the double whoppers of the past!

  • Why did you choose to adopt a plant-based diet? (health, animal ethics, environment, etc)

I am doing this 100% for the animals. After witnessing documented animal cruelty back in 2007, I could not in good conscience support a system where, in order to make me a delicious meal, an animal had to suffer, be confined, and die a painful death (you can learn more about my journey into veganism here: What cemented my decision was the experience of learning that we don’t need animal products to live healthily, which made eating an ice cream sundae just because I liked ice cream not so enjoyable anymore. That’s not to say I don’t eat ice cream – I do now, and plenty of it! I just eat coconut milk-based or soy-based alternatives to my favorite ice cream dishes of the past. They are just as delicious, and no mommy or baby cows had to suffer for my dessert!

  • Was it hard/easy/as you expected?

The first few months were only difficult because I didn’t know how to cook or bake for myself. I had to basically re-teach myself how to make food! Besides that, it was super easy. Since I was choosing to take into account the well being of animals at every meal, I didn’t think twice about turning down a slice of cake when out with friends or butter-topped popcorn at the movies. It was the least I could do to help the world a little each and every day. Over time, I learned how to make my own delicious versions of the foods I used to love, and it got easier and easier with each bite. Now, the thought of ever going back to eating animal products just seems silly to me – I will be a vegan for my entire life, happily and healthily!

  • What changes have you seen as a result of switching; has it changed your life? If so how?

Well, for starters, I have more energy, I’m in better general health, and I actually care about the food I put into my body! Going vegan also gave me a stronger voice – I don’t mind speaking up when something doesn’t feel right or I’m being challenged in some way. I’ve become a stronger, more dedicated, more loving human being as a result of this lifestyle – I am no longer thinking of just myself when I make daily choices, and that’s humbling and so empowering.

  • How do you feel now?
I feel amazing. Knowing that I’m doing everything I can to honor animals is such a beautiful feeling. I also feel energized and committed to continuing this work! As far as how I feel about food and my health now – full, satisfied, and excited about eating! 


6 Responses to “Success story of the week: Lindsay!”

  1. Kevin said

    I love this story, and the picture with Princess is just classic. She certainly looks like one happy chicken! It seems like no matter why a person starts eating a plant-based diet the result is the same – “full, satisfied, and excited about eating!” Great job Lindsay, and thanks for sharing.

  2. Kevin – thank you! What a kind note. And yes, Princess is one happy chicken!

  3. Minette said

    I love this story & learning more about Lindsay! I’ve followed her blog ever since being lucky enough to meet her & her hubby in December and I love it!!
    Keep up the great work you do on behalf of our animal friends!! I hope to see you at Animal Acres soon!!! xoxo

  4. Shiloh said

    Yay Lindsay!

    I’m so proud of you! I’m glad that you and Steve are doing so well in Cali, I miss you guys! You are my vegan mentors! Hugs and goat kisses!


  5. Awesome Lindsay! I love watching your star rise!

  6. Rhonda said

    I have enjoyed learning about your work and veganism lifestyle. You will inspire many others along your path as you are truly inspired and your heart is in the right place. The more people adopt this lifestyle the more people will experience the inner health and wisdom that you have Lindsey.

    Wishing health and success in all that you do.

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